Our Location

Located on Bangor’s main High Street, Beau Beauty is situated at the high end of the High Street not far from Asda and Lild supermarkets. It is next door but one to ‘The Harp’ pub.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many public car parking facilities at this end of the High Street, the closest being being Kyffin Square (behind Wetherspoons) which is only a short walk from the Salon. The other popular options are to park in the supermarkets car parks (if you are a customer) and walk the short distance to the salon. PLEASE NOTE that these parking faclities do have cameras to log when you arrive and leave the car park, to ensure it is within their restrictions. Asda has a 3 hour restriction, and Lild has a 90 minute restriction. Beau Beauty accepts no responsibility for your choice of parking and a possibility of a fine if you have left your vehicle there too long. You should check that these restrictions allow the correct time for your appointment, bearing in mind that timings can run late now and again, please choose responsibly.