Frequently asked questions

Here we have tried to include the answers to enquiries we have had in the past. If you do not see the answer to your question, please CONTACT US

What is the difference between Classic, Hybrid, Russian and Megavolume lashes?

In that exact order, each lash style increases in density, fullness and cost. There is no ‘right’ lash style as such, it will come down to you as an individual. There are plenty of photos on our social media platform for you to browse through, usually it will state which style lashes they are but if not please message us to find out.

How long do lash extensions last?

Lash extensions need maintenance appointments in order to keep up their fullness. Maintenance (infills) is recommended at 2 weekly intervals, 3 weeks at the most. If you do not maintain your lashes often enough they will get more sparse as time goes on and you will eventually pass the point of being able to infill them, therefore you will nee to start again with a fresh set.

Do I need to clean my lashes?

It is VERY important to clean your lashes. We have aftercare kits for sale at the salon which includes:

  • 1 x foam pump bottle
  • 1 x cleansing brush
  • 1 x sachet of cleanser
  • 1 x cased lash wand

To promote the importance of lash cleansing, these kits can be purchased at a discounted price if bought at the same appointment as your initial set. Otherwise, they are available to buy at the salon anytime at full price.

Cleansing lashes is as important as washing your hair, dust and oil will accumulate in your lashes and unless cleaned away it can effect the longevity of your lashes

If I initially get a set of lashes in one style, am I able to change at an infill appointment?

Yes, this is something you can do. At an infill appointment, grown out lashes are removed and replaced whilst also replacing lost lashes. To change lash styles, the lashes would be infilled wih your new chosen style, but you may not see the results instantly. The appointment would be also be charged the cost of the lashes you have asked for. Due to the nature of the lash extension process, it may take 2-3 infills to see a complete transition in style. Another option would be to remove your lashes and start fresh with the different style.

Can I wear mascara with my lash extensions?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Mascara and lash extensions just do not go together. When you have a nice full set done properly, you truly don’t need any mascara. You can apply mascara to your bottom lashes, but you must ensure you clean it away thoroughly as it can otherwise trasfer onto your extensions. Mascara is usually oil-based, and once applied to extensions it is very hard to thoroughly clean it out without damaging your extensions or causing premature lash loss.

I'm having lash extensions for my wedding, which ones should I get?

Again, the answer to this question lies with your individuality and style. We have had brides go for a natural Classic, and others go for a full Megavolume. Every style has it’s place, and all styles can look amazing. The best way to choose your wedding lashes is to trial run them. We always advise brides to get their lashes done for an occasion prior to their wedding day, for example their hen do, so that they can see what the lashes are like on their face and decide wether they want to stick with what they have or change style to best suit their wedding day look.

What are HD Brows?

HD Brows is a bespoke eyebrow treatment that ia totally tailored to you. It’s so much more than just a standard eyebrow tint and wax. to begin with, a custom-blended colour tint will be applied to your brows before they are measured up using your unique facial features. They will then be shaped using various hair removal techniques to achieve the final look. Brows can optionally be finished off with a little make-up to enhance.

I don't have much brow hair, can I still have HD Brows?

YES! But you must be realistic with what result you are hoping to achieve. We can only work with what you naturally have, and you would be surprised how much it can be enhanced with HD Brows. We do also recommend using a growth serum prior to treatment if you are concerned about sparse brows, If you are unsure, you can always contact us with a photo of your brows and ask for some advice. Another treatment to consider is brow lamination, this treatment creates the illusion of a bigger eyebrow. Where there is such minimal hair present that we believe HD Brows won’t be beneficial, there are always other treatments such as semi-permanent make-up. Unfortunately we do not offer such treatments, but can guide you in the right direction with some recommnedations.

Can I book brow lamination without HD Brows?

No, unfortunately not. Brow lamination is an ‘add-on’ service to HD Brows. Brow Lamination can’t be carried out and not ‘finished off’ and that is where HD Brows come in. The chemicals used in laminating brows can also turn your hairs a slight orange/blonde colour, almost as if they have been bleached therefore you would need a tint to bring them back to your prefered colour.

I am pregnant, can I still have a treatment done?

Being pregnant doesn’t necessairily mean that you won’t be able to have treatments done. We usually say if you are already a regular client of ours who becomes pregnant, we will still perform the same treatments giving that no reactions or complications arise. We are not comfortable taking on new clients who are pregnant as it means you would need to be patch tested, and insurance usually says we can’t patch test a preganant lady. This subject is sometimes a bit of a grey area, but the truth is your body may not react as it usually would due to the changes you are experiencing. Some treatments are also known to not work the same for pregnant ladies, such as lash extensions and lash lift.

Another important factor to consider when having treatments whilst pregnant is that if a reaction was to occurr, you would not be able to take the usually recommended medication to relieve the symptoms, therefore posing a risk to yourself and unborn child.

How long does a lash lift last?

Lash lift, or LVL, can last up to 6-8 weeks. It is not advised to have subsequent LVL treatment less that 6 weeks apart. This is due to it being a chemical treatment (almost like a perm) and over treating the lashes with chemicals can result in burning or frizzing.

Can I just have a tint and shape instead of HD Brows?

There are therapists here that do offer just a tint and shape as well as a therapist who offers HD Brows. Buddug who is HD Brow qualified does not offer a tint and shape treatment, only HD Brows. Sabrina, Dyddgu and Jordainne offer a brow tint and shape, but please note that ‘tint and shape’ is also carried out using HD Brows exclusive product which are of high quality. So although being slightly cheaper with a ‘non-Hd Brows qualified’ therapist, the price of a tint and shape will reflect this.

I can't find childcare, can I bring my child with me to my appointment?

Unfortunately, our policy is no children to accompany clients to the salon. The reason for this is that whilst you are busy having a treatment done (sometimes with eyes closed), you are unable to fully care for your child therefore posing a risk to the child and salon property. The salon decor is not child-friendly, and our insurance company will not cover us for any damages or incidents involving children as we don’t offer childrens services. The therapist is unable to care for your child as they need to fully focus on the treatment they are conducting, and having a child running loose whilst trying to work can be difficult. So we please ask that you don’t bring your child along with you to your appointment as this will put us in an uncomfortable position wether to carry out your treatment or not. The same rule applies for friends and family too, if you are the only one having a treatment, we do prefer you attend alone as the salon isn’t big enough for people to hang around.

I want to train in lashes, can I book a course with you?

YES! Please do! Buddug offers in-house training at Beau Beauty and is a lash trainer for MLAB. The courses range from beginners to experts, and come fully accredited. If you would like more information on courses, please head over to the Training page.

I have paid a booking fee but had to cancel my appointment, will I lose my booking fee now?

A 50% booking fee is required upon booking an appointment. Booking fee’s are non-refundable. In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule (within 48 hours or more), the booking fee will be credited to your next future booking. In the event that the cancellation fee is not paid, you will not be able to make any future bookings at Beau Beauty until the owed fee is paid. For more information on our cancellation policy, please click here.

I am travelling to my appointment by car, where should i park?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many public car parking facilities at this end of the High Street, the closest being being Kyffin Square (behind Wetherspoons) which is only a short walk from the Salon. The other popular options are to park in the supermarkets car parks (if you are a customer) and walk the short distance to the salon. PLEASE NOTE that these parking faclities do have cameras to log when you arrive and leave the car park, to ensure it is within their restrictions. Asda has a 3 hour restriction, and Lild has a 90 minute restriction. Beau Beauty accepts no responsibility for your choice of parking and a possibility of a fine if you have left your vehicle there too long. You should check that these restrictions allow the correct time for your appointment, bearing in mind that timings can run late now and again, please choose responsibly.

Do you offer any package discounts for parties?

No, unfortunately we don’t. We are able to accomodate large parties (eg. for a wedding) with plenty of notice for booking, but the treatments would be carried out by different therapists at the same time.

I have previously reacted to lash extensions or brow tint, can I have a patch test with you to try again?

The answer to this question is strictly NO.

The reality is, if you have reacted to either of these treatments in the past, you will never be able to have that treatment safely. If your body has rejected something in particular, it will continue to do so, with each reaction intesifying. We will not be responsible for knowingly carrying out a treatment which will cause a reaction. Allergic reacctions can potentially be dangerous, sometimes developing into anaphylactic shock. Please be truthful when filling out consuktation forms, and don’t put yourself or us at risk.